I'm fascinated by the impact of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle and what it can do to our overall wellbeing. 


I've learnt how important self-care is and to really truly make time every day to do something that makes me feel good. That can be anything from eating well, cooking from scratch, crossing things off my list, getting out in the fresh air, learning something new, meeting with friends, the list is endless, and growing!

I also believe the companies we work for have a responsibility to support our overall wellbeing. That doesn't just mean allowing us to leave an hour early on a Friday. I mean by addressing all the pillars of wellbeing; social, physical, mental and financial. Happiness affects our performance in life; a happy team leads to a successful business. 

At Love Lunches we're building a community of people who stop for lunch everyday. 


We work with your business as part of your wellbeing strategy to make sure your teams stop for lunch.


We build a personalised plan for your employees that means they eat well, work better and live happier.

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